About City Coordinators

City Coordinators, pray for, coordinate with and support the local prayer efforts of churches, pastor networks and prayer ministries on the National Day of Prayer (NDP) and throughout the year. This position will also be responsible for facilitating a community wide event on the NDP, establishing working relationships with key influencers/decision makers, promoting the NDP and local events and developing church coordinators in all area churches. They may want to also lead their city in prayer when there are National days of fasting and prayer or times of difficulties and tragedies. This role includes also include Community Coordinators, Town Coordinators, and other designations as appropriate for the locale.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate and support the local prayer efforts:
  1. Identify the prayer ministries, prayer networks, pastor’s networks and church prayer leaders within the city or county.
  2. Develop a relationship with these organizations by attending their meetings, sharing the mission of the NDP, providing prayer support and participating in their prayer ministries when and where appropriate.
  3. Work with the local efforts to promote the NDP and gain their support and participation in calling the city to prayer.
  • Facilitate a citywide event:
  1. Work with local leaders to develop a program, budget and operational plan to unite the city in prayer on the NDP
  2. Identify 2 or 3 large “anchor” churches that will carry the program.
  3. Develop a citywide promotional campaign leveraging church and media channels.
  • Establish working relationships with key city influencers/decision makers:
  1. Identify who the “gate keepers” are within the city and make personal calls to them and share your vision.
  2. Maintain contact with them throughout the year and have them participate in the observances.
  • Promote the NDP and local events and develop church coordinators in all area churches:
  1. Contact the churches within the city to identify their prayer coordinators. Encourage them to be a part of the NDP volunteer team promoting the message to their church or even becoming a member of the citywide team. Put them in contact with the national resource number to help promote NDP within their church.
  2. Establish a media plan for your city to promote the citywide efforts and the prayer message.