About County Coordinators

County Coordinators pray for, coordinate with and support the local prayer efforts of churches, pastor networks and prayer ministries on the National Day of Prayer (NDP) and throughout the year. This position is also responsible for recruiting and supporting city coordinators in their county and communicating with the state coordinator concerning their area. They promote NDP and local events and develop city coordinators in their area. They may take more than one county in their state.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities

  • Pray for the Cities in your County and find city coordinators:
  • Pray for your cities, city coordinators and county.
  • If you do not have a city coordinator then identify the prayer ministries, prayer networks, pastors networks and church prayer leaders within the city or county and ask them if they would like to be an NDP city coordinator.
  • Develop a relationship with these organizations by attending their meetings, sharing the mission of the NDP, providing prayer support and participating in their prayer ministries if there is not a city coordinator in your area.
  • Work with the local efforts to promote NDP and gain their support and participation in calling the city and county to prayer.