About District Coordinators

District Coordinators give further support at the local level and are accountable to the state coordinator for the scope defined for them. They may work directly with the state coordinator or through reporting relationships established by the state coordinator.

Area Coordinators are responsible for multiple counties in their state and may cover up to a fourth or more of the state if needed. They give support to the county, city and event coordinators for planning, training, recruiting as needed. Area, county, city and event coordinators are positioned as state coordinator is able to recruit and as needed to best support the state.

In most areas, State, Regional, County, City, Event delegations provide the structure for strong support and lasting relationships. There are however, areas where a different model is needed. For example, in large cities that may cover multiple counties and/or where there is very high population density there would be a need to segment to smaller areas using zip codes. Or where the population density is very low there may be a need for one County Coordinator to cover multiple Counties as a District Coordinator. And finally, there may be a need to develop new coordinators in a specific area and assigning a District or Area Coordinator provides the additional targeted support the organization needs.