With support from prayer partners and fellow New Yorker’s, National Day of Prayer New York (NDPNY) will:

Develop Web Presence and Online Tools

  • Provide online tools, planning guides, and policies to codify the organization and operating practice. And, to establish as a rally point for all those interested in furthering initiatives across New York State:
    • Using WordPress as CMS fostering Regional and Local collaboration as teams are developing.
    • Integrating CiviCRM for consistent Role based communication and data access across the organization.
    • Growing statewide involvement.

Support NDPTF Initiatives

  • Represent New York by sending couples.
  • NDPNY policy is to send husband and wife together.
  • Secure Online Registrations and contributions for Conference, Hotel, Travel, Meals, Tips and Taxes for the trip.

How can you help?

  • Register with National Day of Prayer New York
  • Volunteer for the National Day of Prayer Task Force
  • Contribute through Subscription