New York State Coordinators

State Coordinators for New York

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This position is the first line of support for planning and logistical issues working with other Coordinators across the state to focus promotion and training efforts associated with the National Day of Prayer (NDP).

State Coordinators carry the responsibility for implementing strategies that support Regional, County, District, City, and Event Coordinators. Developing strong personal relationships and communicating between Coordinators and National Area Leaders is an essential part of coordinating successful observances. And, the first of these observances is hosted by the State Coordinator at the State Capital with the State Proclamation from the Governor.

To effectively lead the NDP state efforts and represent the NDP Task Force perspective within their states, State Coordinators attend the annual Coordinator Conference, usually held in late October in Colorado Springs.

State coordinators are appointed by the National Day of Prayer Task Force staff located in Colorado Springs, Colorado and are commissioned to carry out these principal duties and responsibilities.

  • Coordinate state efforts, promotions and training:
  1. Identify the training requirements of Coordinators and travel or send resources to address needs.
  2. Identify all events within the state and communicate that back through the network by email, newsletter, mailing and post on national website.
  3. Responsible for updating and maintaining a current list of Coordinators across state.
  4. Recruit and equip coordinators for the state
  5. Attend the annual Coordinator Conference, usually held each October in Colorado Springs.
  6. Meet with coordinators within the state at conference for prayer, learning, and mutual support
  • Host/oversee an event at the State Capital:
  1. Coordinate an observance at the State Capital or in the city that makes a public statement to the state government officials by being physically at the Capitol building and/or having them participate in the observance.
  2. Secure the Governor’s signature on the state proclamation and forward it to the National Office so it can be presented to the President.
  • Responsible for implementing the citywide strategies:
  1. Identify a minimum of three cities that could support a citywide event due to presence of large churches, strong pastor’s network, numerous prayer ministries.
  2. Meet with the City Coordinator to establish a city plan Understand the promotional strategies at the city level and coordinate efforts for maximum exposure.
  • Provide the first line of support for planning and logistical issues:
  1. Ensure applications are received from local Coordinators.
  2. Give guidance to the local observance programming and logistical requirements.
  3. Problem solve with the local Event Coordinators any issues that arise.
  4. Inform the NALs about issues that need to be addressed from the national level.
  • Develop personal relationships with their Coordinators and National Area Leaders:
  1. Establish personal contact with the Coordinators through phone, newsletter, email.
  2. Create a prayer list of the needs for each Coordinator and pray for their unique personal and ministry needs.