What We Believe

There are many views about God so these pages cover our basic Judeo-Christian beliefs.

First, the term “Judeo-Christian” in this context refers to that standard of morality and family values which is common to both the Old and New Testaments, and which has over the centuries formed the foundation for ethics and culture in Western society.

Next, the encyclopedia definition of “Judeo-Christian is a term used to describe the body of concepts and values which are thought to be held in common by Judaism and Christianity, and typically considered a fundamental basis for Western legal codes and moral values.”

And Further, it comes to a clear declaration of Jesus Christ as the Messiah through his life on earth where his death, burial, and resurrection opened the veil for all who receive him to be reconciled with God and enter in where He is.

  • God as Father
  • Jesus Christ as Son and King of Kings
  • The Holy Spirit as Comforter, Teacher, the power of God working