Policy on Participation

The National Day of Prayer New York (NDPNY) Official Policy Statement:

NDPNY holds to “Judeo-Christian” system of values for participation in the National Day of Prayer. 

NDPNY is an outgrowth of The National Day of Prayer Task Force which was a creation of the National Prayer Committee for the expressed purpose of organizing and promoting prayer observances conforming to a Judeo-Christian system of values. When Congress designated the Day of Prayer, they did not intend that every faith and creed would be homogenized, but that all who sought to pray for this nation would be encouraged to do so in ways they deemed appropriate. It is that broad invitation to the American people that has led NDPNY to establish prayer observances based only on the Judeo-Christian principles on which our Country was founded.

People with other theological and philosophical views are, of course, free to organize and participate in activities that are consistent with their own beliefs.

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