Reviewing CiviCRM Information

CiviCRM is a constituent relationship management solution that is web-based, internationalized, and designed to meet the needs of advocacy, non-profit and non-governmental groups. By maintaining contact, fundraising and other information all in one, you have easy accessibility and ability to manage this powerful system. Record and manage information about constituents including volunteers, activists, donors, employees, clients, vendors, etc. And you are able to track and execute donations, transactions, conversations, events or any type of correspondence with each constituent.

See Why CiviCRM and My CiviCRM Dashboard or go directly to

Access NDPNY CiviCRM Data

Follow these few simple steps:

  1. Login– if you don’t already have an account with “Editor” access:
    1. You’ll need to complete the NDP Volunteer Application.
    2. While waiting for review of your application, go ahead and Register with NDPNY or Login using an existing social media account like Facebook or Twitter and you’ll get “Contributor” access.
    3. Request “Editor” access using our Contact-Us online form.
  2. Once you Login, you will have access to the WordPress Admin Dashboard and can click the CiviCRM link in the left hand column. This will open the CiviCRM Home Dashboard where you can manage your Regional and Local information.

Review A Sample Group List

Here is a sample using our email test group. You’ll note that you can select one, many, or all records in a Group. Once you make a selection you can then perform many tasks. For example you can add the selected contacts to an Event, or print mailing labels, or map your contacts.

Sample Contact Group List

Mapping Contacts is a powerful way to visualize the people around you and you can select an individual record from your map or Group list to send an email, make a phone call or edit their information.

Get Familiar with CiviCRM

Here are a few tasks that will help you get started with CiviCRM.

See who is in your Region

  1. Lets begin at the main NDPNY Home page:
  2. Now click on the Regional Map which will take you to (Note: You can login and click CiviCRM from the WordPress Admin Dashboard as we did previously but you’ll miss the Regional information we’ve provided for you.)
  3. On the Regions map, Click the Region where you live. For example, I live in New York City but my Church is in the Hudson Valley so I’m going to click on Hudson Valley.
  4. This is the Hudson Valley  “Regional Home” with links to each County and information added, edited, and maintained by the Regional Coordinator. Browse and see what is here. Think about what would be helpful for you here.
  5. Click on the Contact Listing link and you’ll see the Hudson Valley CiviCRM Group listing. (Note: This is a targeted Search for Contacts in the Hudson Valley Region.) Additional Groups can be created as they add value for Coordinators. For example, it might be good to see Contacts by County, or by City, or Zip Code, or maybe by Denomination or other Organizational Affiliation.
  6. Thats it! Select contacts and map, or mail!

Add a new contact

Begin building relationship in CiviCRM by adding your current contacts.
From CiviCRM Dashboard Home type the last name, or organization name of your contact in the Search box and press ENTER. (Note: CiviCRM will respond searching for a match as you type. Please, don’t be distracted now, simply press enter. You will understand the power of the Search later.) Go ahead now: type the last name and press enter on your keyboard.

CiviCRM will respond by:

  1. Listing one or more names – if you get a list of names and one of them is your contact, they are already in CiviCRM. No action is necessary.
  2. A request for you to add a new Individual, Organization, or Household – it is easiest to add a new individual and then add Relationships so click the New Individual link and enter their information.

CiviCRM has many features that reduce data entry tasks. People will add their own contact information when they Register in WordPress, or register online for a CiviCRM Event, or give a contribution through an online CiviCRM Campaign. And however their Contact record was created, each person can have access to update their information and engagement online just as they would with Facebook or as they would with an Amazon Store account.

This is where the power of CiviCRM begins because you simply invite Constituents (contacts) to respond with action. They provide the information you need to build your relationship through their online responses (or offline where you need a personal touch) as they enroll in an Event, give a Contribution, sign a Petition, or complete a Survey.

Call a Contact

Begin at the CiviCRM Dashboard Home and type the last name, or organization name of your contact in the Search box and select your contact from the drop down list. (Nice isn’t it!)

CiviCRM will respond by loading the Contact page. Dial the Contact’s phone number and then click on the “Actions” button under the Contact Name to see the list of common Activities. Choose “Phone Call” while you are waiting for them to answer and CiviCRM responds by creating a new “Activity” record for this contact. Simply add the results of your call and “Save”. There are two potential irritations here:

  1. The Contact Phone Number is not shown anywhere on the “New Phone Call” Activity page so dial the number from the Contact screen first!
  2. CiviCRM will allow you to Schedule a follow up Activity and assign it to someone else. (Great!) Any corrections to that Activity must be done on your, or the assigned users, Scheduled Activities list. Editing the Phone Record will not load the any “Schedule Follow-up” information you previously added. Adding “Schedule Follow-up” when “Editing” an Activity will create a duplicate Follow-up record.

Ready for More?

Add an Event

Create Your Own Regional or Local Mailing Template